What is Avior?

Avior 2.0: OpenFlow network management, for any SDN controller, on any platform. The latest version of Avior provides a back-end, JSON API built with the node.js and Sails.js platforms, and a front-end graphical user interface built on Backbone.js, which renders with ease on any device. The API provides information on all major OpenFlow structures present in an OpenFlow network, including networked switches, ports, flows, and more. The MVC (model-view-controller) design framework of Sails.js streamlines Avior's code. This design makes Avior highly extensible, with an easy-to-use plugin system coming soon. Avior 2.0 is a powerful tool for network managers and network application developers alike, and it's completely open source.


Avior is open source application and available for download on Github. If you wish to download the compiled application refer to the download buttons below.

Getting Started

For information on how to use Avior, how to compile Avior, or how to give feedback about Avior please refer to our getting started page.

Helping Out

We cannot improve our application without feedback so please leave some suggestions, bug reports, or just say hello in the forums!